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Summer Crafts

It’s mid-summer and that means hot days, mild nights, and plenty of good times to be had! What I personally love most about summer is having the windows open throughout the house and feeling that nice breeze on the air while I work on my crafts and house projects. Not sure what I’m talking about? Try some of these fun and easy DIY summer crafts I found on Pinterest to get your summer crafting started!

Check out my awesome summer crafts finds:

  1. Lighthouse Coloring Page – I always have to include at least one coloring page in my craft lists. Now that adults are getting back into coloring again, this summer craft idea is perfect for all ages!
  2. Paper Boats Tutorial – The ease and creativity potential of this project makes it my all-time favorite of the summer crafts. Use your pretty scrapbook pages and patterns to fold your very own cute little paper boat! This is a great summer craft for kids and adults alike!
  3. Bumble Bee Clothespin – This summer craft is both budget-friendly and easy to put together with lasting entertainment. These little bees are perfect for a kids summer craft project or even making any time of the year!
  4. Pinecone Pineapple – Add a little island fun and flair to your next summer craft with this cute and fun tutorial that uses a pinecone! Depending on where you live, this neat craft project just may literally begin in your back yard.
  5. Jellyfish Suncatcher – This unique kids summer craft is a bright and colorfully fun way to enjoy the warm rays! With a little bit of colored tissue paper and scissors, a cute DIY summer decoration comes to life.
  6. Lighthouse Decoration – Make a cute and easy summer or beach themed decoration with this neat summer craft idea using a plastic cup and a little imagination! Perfect craft for kids!
  7. Mermaid Tails – Use up those extra popsicle sticks and glue to make some adorable little mermaid tails! This craft is ideal for kids since it’s easy to craft up and has a lot of room for making it their very own!
  8. Seashell Ladybugs – Create little ladybugs easily with this fun summer craft idea! These little shell bugs are great for using as a decoration or even more practical uses such as teaching basic counting/math!

I hope you loved my summer crafts finds and find one here to get into!

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