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4th of July Crafts

Looking for some great and fun new 4th of July crafts to whip up in time for the upcoming holiday? Look no further! 😉 I put together a custom 4th of July crafts board on Pinterest just for this occasion! Whether you are in need of a couple of ideas for the kids 4th of July crafts or even something for yourself, I think I may have you covered! Here is a look at a few of the pins I scooped up:

Here are my 4th of July crafts finds:

  1. Plastic Cup Twirlers – This is a great 4th of July craft for kids but with adult supervision as scissors are needed in order to complete this activity.
  2. Sparkler Firework – This craft project is fairly easy for kids but does require scissors as well – I would recommend a nice pair of child-safe scissors if you plan on letting your little ones complete this one on their own!
  3. American Flag Paint Sticks – This craft is more suited for the adults! Have fun getting creative with those extra paint sticks and paint you have lying around. This project will be a little more challenging, however, so I don’t recommend it for the beginner crafter.
  4. Popsicle Stick American Flag – This is by far my favorite 4th of July craft project for kids! All of the tool required are safe and fun for little hands to get creative with. Plus, think of how much fun it would be to tote around your own little flag during the fireworks display at night!
  5. Patriotic Mason Jars – Mason jars are always adorable all on their own but with this project you can make them really shine! This is an activity for adults to have fun with and create a unique 4th of July craft decoration with!
  6. Tin Can Windsocks – This unique 4th of July craft combines creativity and recycling! These festive cans are great for making alongside the kids but supervision is needed where the paint is involved which makes this more of a family-friendly craft idea!
  7. 4th of July Coloring Pages – This one is pretty self-explanatory but I figure you can’t go wrong with fun coloring pages! Perfect kids craft idea while waiting for the fireworks to begin!
  8. Patriotic Windsock – This version of the windsock is a more kid-safe 4th of July craft project that lets the kids have a bigger role in putting this fun decoration together!

Thanks for reading and hopefully my board has inspired you to get out there and get crafting for July 4th! For more holiday crafts inspiration, be sure to follow me on Pinterest! 🙂

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