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Shark Week Crafts

Love them or hate them, sharks are a part of our world and they even have their own week! From great white’s to hammerheads, summertime is all about the different shark species roaming our oceans. In search of some great, fun, and easy shark week crafts or shark party ideas? There are actually plenty of wonderfully fun shark week crafts and DIY party ideas out there and I have compiled a little list of the ones that stood out most to me! Check them out:

Here are my Shark Week crafts finds:

  1. Shark Crochet Coffee Cozy – This fun crochet pattern is quick to work up on your hooks and makes for a neat present or decoration for any shark fan. This pattern is not free, unfortunately, but still very fun regardless!
  2. Shark Finger Puppet – This fun free shark finger puppet pattern is easy and budget friendly to craft as well as great for both kids & adults alike! It does require a glue gun but a child-safe glue or glue-stick should work just as well.
  3. Shark Coloring Page – This one is very self-explanatory but way too cute and fun not to add to my list of shark week crafts. Not only is this coloring page free but it is one of the more detailed pages I found, making it a more lengthy and entertaining coloring experience!
  4. Clothespin Sharks – This craft is so unique and genius that it is my favorite of all of the shark week crafts! I love how easy and quick this project is as well as the many uses the finished shark pin can be used for.
  5. Shark Bag Sewing Pattern – I almost couldn’t believe this sewing pattern was free – it’s just so intricate and fun! Who doesn’t need another bag? This shark week craft is more suited for adults but kids can always have fun picking out their own fabrics and colors!
  6. Shark Pool Noodle – Have an old pool noodle that needs sprucing up? Even if you don’t have a noodle yet, you can pick one up at your local dollar store for some quick and budget-friendly shark week crafting fun. Great craft for both kids and adults!
  7. Shark Aquarium – Put those extra mason jars to use with this super cute shark week craft idea! Fill and customize your own little aquarium with your favorite shark or marine animal species!
  8. Shark Cootie Catcher – An easy and entertaining shark week craft for kids and adults both! Simply print out the template and follow the folding instructions for a fun paper shark craft!

As usual, thanks so much for checking out my board! I hope I helped you with your shark week crafts or shark party ideas! I know I’m off to the craft store this weekend to pick up some more crafting supplies. 😉 Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest – I’ll be adding more party and holiday inspiration/craft boards all the time!

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